U16 Information

Team North Sask U16 

Team Itinerary 

Selection Camp




Day                  Date                Time                Event                                                   Location

Saturday        June 9            8:15 AM            Registration                                        SMF Field

Saturday        June 9            9:00 AM            Practice #1                                         SMF Field

Saturday        June 9            11:30 AM         Drug Information Session                 SMF Field

Saturday        June 9            5:30 PM            Practice #2                                          SMF Field 

Sunday          June 10           9:00 AM           Practice #3                                          SMF Field

Sunday          June 10           2:00 PM           Practice #4 (Scrim)                            SMF Field


Players must be dressed in full equipment and pants.


No additional cost to those who have participated in the academy. Please Register Here if you did not participate in the Academy


Players will meet individually with their positional coaches following the scrim. 


The 40 players and 7 practice roster players selected to the U18 Team must attend a team meeting at SMF at 6:30 PM on Wednesday June 13th. 


If you are unable to attend the Football Canada U16 tournament in Edmonton, AB July 3rd to 7th you must let your positional coach and head coach Brian Guebert know as soon as possible so a replacement can be found.  

April 16th Academy Starts 

All practices are at SMF Field from 5:30-7:30 pm

April 18th Practice 2 

Aoril 23rd Practice 3 

April 25th Practice 4 

Football Sask Skill ID Camp  

April 30th - May 3rd  Football Sask Player Development Camp is at SMF Field

Times TBA

Fees are included in the Academy cost. 

To register for the Football Saskatchewan ID Camp – please click HERE. You will sign in under player camps; if you don’t have an account you may have to create a new one (the username and password you use for SMF will not work unless you’ve used it on the Football Saskatchewan website before).  Once the athlete has signed into their account you can see all the camps they are eligible for.  Click on the Saskatoon Skill ID Camp to register and follow the steps.  

As a member of the academy you do not have to pay the camp fee as it’s included in the academy registration.  You may get an e-mail that goes out automatically says you won’t be registered or confirmed until payment is received; just disregard and don’t worry, you’re registered!

May 7th Practice 9 

May 9th Practice 10 

May 11th Game #1

May 12th First U18 Team Sask Selection Camp Saskatoon (Fees are NOT included in the U18 Academy cost / Football Saskatchewan Program) 

May 14th Practice #10 

May 16th Practice #11

May 23rd  Practice #12 

May 25th Game #2 

May 28th Practice #13 

May 30th Practice #14

June 1st Game #3

June 4th Practice #15

June 6th Championship Game

Change Rooms:

We will have access to the dressing rooms located in the Gordie Howe Sports Centre. Doors face the field turf and will be open at 5pm.


U16 Team North Sask Selection Camp / Try Out (fees included in the U16 Academy cost)

June 9th at SMF Field

Player check in 8:30 AM at SMF tent

Practice #1 9:00-11:00 AM

Practice #2 3:00-5:00 PM

June 11th at SMF Field

Practice #3 10:00-Noon

Practice #4 3:00-5:00 PM

(more info below)


U16 Team Sask (North) - Football Canada West Regional Championship Edmonton, AB July 4-7

Ignite Athletic Conditioning On & Off-field Training Session: 

Saturdays At Ignite Athletic Conditioning

Address - #4 420 Lauriston Street Saskatoon (Click HERE for map link)

Bring running shoes, workout attire and water

Sessions begin April 21st and run until May 27th


Saturday Training Sessions at IGNITE – 4 – 420 Lauriston St. 


April  21 - See positional and age time below 

April  28 - See positional and age time below 

May 5 – See positional and age time below 

May 12 – See positional and age time below 

May 26 – See positional and age time below 


Sundays Field Running Sessions at SMF Field:


April 22- 10am to 11am

April 29 - 10am to 11am

May 6 - 10am to 11am

May 13 - 10am to 11am

May 27 – 10am to 11am



April 22 – 11am to Noon

April 29 - 11am to Noon

May 13 - 11am to Noon

May 27 – 11am to Noon

Saturday Training Sessions at IGNITE – 4 – 420 Lauriston St.


DB’s – 10:00am 

D-Line – 10:20am

O-Line – 10:40am 

QB and RB – 11:00am 

Receivers – 11:20am

Linebackers –11:40am


DB’s and Receivers – 12:40pm 

D-Line and O line – 1:00pm

QB, RB and Linebackers – 1:20pm