1. Games will be 30 minutes Straight Time
  2. Teams will be given 3 downs to score
  3. No cleats may be worn.
  4. Rusher may rush as soon as ball is snapped from the 7 yard bean bag
  5. Touchdowns will count for 7 points and No Converts will be attempted.
  6. In the event of a tie each team will select a player to throw a ball into a target. The player that takes the fewest attempts to hit the target wins the game for their team. If the players tie they will try from a further distance.
  7. Team 1 will wear Green Jerseys and Team 2 will wear white
  8. Flag Football Rules will be followed. No Flag Guarding, No Jumping or Diving, No Laterals Downfield
  9. The QB cannot run with the ball, a player that receives a handoff may throw or run if behid the line of scrimmage.
  10. HAVE FUN!!