High School Registration

 RUSH High School Girls Flag Football - 2019 Spring League

Regular Registration: $115 January 1 - March 15, 2019

Late Registration: $165 March 16 - April 15, 2018

*All registration will be completed online; if you need to make alternative arrangements please email Darla Lee-Walde at dleewalde@saskatoonminorfootball.com 

Registration fee covers: field rental & lining of fields, paid officials, jerseys that players keep, equipment (balls, flags, cones), Jamboree, Coaches & Officials Clinic

REFUND POLICY - There is a $50 fee for removal of any player. Fees will not be reimbursed once league games begin.

LATE REGISTRATIONS - After March 15, players are not guaranteed a jersey as the order was placed to ensure delivery prior to season start.

Pre-Season Jamboree

Monday April 15, 2019 - SMF 5:30-7:00pm

At the Jamboree, players are led through a positional type circuit led by coaches; in the past it has been led by Valkyries coaches, but all coaches are welcome to come out and help as well.  Please invite your players to come!

League Games
JR Division Gr.9-10
Monday evenings, 5:30-7:00pm
Due to not being able to play on City fields until May 6, the following are league dates:
Monday April 29 OR Friday May 3 on SMF Field
Monday May 6, 13, Friday May 24, Monday May 27, Monday June 3, 10 (finals). 
*FIELDS for Monday's games:
    - KATE WAYGOOD 4 in Meadow Green, 907 Ave W South, west of the ball diamonds
    - FOREST PARK 6, off of Lowe and Nelson Road

SR Division Gr. 11-12
Tuesday evenings, 5:30-7:00pm
Due to not being able to play on City fields until May 6, the following are league dates:
Tuesday April 30 OR Wednesday May 1 on SMF Field
*FIELDS for Tuesday's games:
    - SMF FIELD - 1630 Avenue U South
    - FOREST PARK 3 - field northeast of St.Joseph High School on Nelson Road, field closest to tennis courts

Coaches & Officials 

As our RUSH High School League continues to grow, coaches and officials are needed to provide the players an amazing playing experience! 

Coaches - Coaching your daughter, granddaughter, niece or sister, our league will reimburse the registration fee for that player!  Coaches clinic also provided Sunday April 28, 9:00am-2:00pm at SMF Field/Clubhouse.

Officials - paid position; Officials clinic offered Monday April 15, 8pm at SMF clubhouse.  Learn the rules of the game.

Interested in coaching or officiating?  Please contact Darla Lee-Walde at dleewalde@saskatoonminorfootball.com

Thank-you to our past sponsors and supporters! 

Saskatoon Valkyries, AFFL, SMF, Football Saskatchewan and Cameco.

Football opportunities for females in Saskatoon

Options to play in the off season:

1. AFFL - Indoor Flag Football league over the winter months.  https://saskatoonaffl.com

2. Women's Touch Football league, played in the spring through fall http://saskatoontouchfootball.com

3. Saskatoon Valkyries Women's Tackle Football team - A player can begin practicing with the Valkyries when they are 16 and play in games when they are 18. http://saskatoonvalkyries.com





I am very impressed with the quality of organization, scheduling and officiating. It is fun, yet competitive.  Officials are friendly and personable which creates a nice atmospere for playing. Lynn, 2016 parent

I was very skeptical about this when I heard my daughter was playing but the first game I came out to watch, I was so happy to see all the girls outside on the field having a blast.  I thought it was fabulous! Stacy, 2016 parent

I love that there were 2 games every Tuesday and that we played in the pouring rain and hot weather, no matter what we played! The number one thing were the coaches; they were amazing! My coach had such a positive attitude and when she stepped up to coach our team, she had such an upbeat attitude, it really lifted our spirits! Player, 2016

Thank-you for starting the amazing program for girls football.  My daughter has played since she was in Grade 4 and loves it! She was thrilled to be able to continue to play into High School.  Thanks for providing the game and the excellent coaching! Parent, 2016 season

My daughter had to be encouraged to play but that fact that she could play with all her friends made a big difference.  She plays competetive hockey, so this was a great way to just be with friends, stay active and have fun learning a new sport that she can play the rest of her life. Parent, 2016 season

It was fun to play this year as it was my last year. I hate that it was my last year for Rush. I hope to come back and coach and to continue to play football with the Valkyries or in a women's flag football league. Player, 2015 season

I didn't really understand football before this but now I consider it one of my favourite sports, so thank-you! Player, 2015 season

Flag football is a great sport to get girls involved in – looking at the league there were athletes that you see in other sports representing, but for many girls this gave them the opportunity to be a part of a school team for the first time! Players learned the game, developed skills, met with good competition and more than anything I think they had a ton of fun! There were many smiles out on the field, and that is wonderful to see!
  - Tammy, Mom 2014 season


2019 League Playoff results

Junior Crush Division - Season Finals

1. BJM 1 - 24                      2. St.Joes Big Loads - 13

3. Cent Andreychuk - 13    4. HC Lalonde - 0

5. EH - 7                             6. St.Joes Parker - 6

7. St.Joes Raluca - 26        8. Martensville - 6

9. AB Yausie - 23               10. Bethlehem - 0

11. Cent Ayres - 30            12. BJM 2 Crush - 2

13. MG

Senior Valkyries Division - Season Finals

1. St.Joes Povhe - 19        2. Cent Stark - 12           

3. HC Wilson  13               4. Cent Hillis - 12

5. Cent Bromm - 34           6. Cent Waldron - 2

7. St.Joes Tataryn - 20      8. St.Joes Olfert - 6

9. BJM - 12                        10. SCS - 6

11. St.Joes Gray - 20        12. St.Joes Dauvin - 14

13. AB Woo                       14. EH

15. TD Holinski - 19           16. Beth Chrun - 0

17. EDF - 14                      18. Cent Harvey - 13

19. AB Murphy                   20. Martensville      

2018 League results

Congratulations to the 15 JR Rush & 24 SR Rush Teams& Coaches for a successful 2018 flag season! 

JR RUSH standings for 2018:                

1. St.Joes 4           2. St.Joes 2            3. AB                                                                                                               

4. BJM1                   5. Cent3                 6. HC2

7. St.Joes 1           8. Cent1                  9. St.Joes3

10. HC 1                 11. EH                    12. EDF1

13. BJM 2               14. EDF2                15. Cent2

SR RUSH standings for 2018:

1. WM1                    2. HC1            3. CENT3
4. TD                         5. AB1            6. ST.JOES2
7. CENT2                8. EH              9. WM2
10. HC2                   11. SCS          12. CENT4
13.ST.JOES1       14. AB2            15. MART3
16. MART1            17. BETH1       18. BETH2
19. CENT1            20. BJM1          21. AB3
22. ST.JOES3            23. ST.JOES4    24. MART2   

2017 RUSH Season

Congratulations to the 18 JR Rush & 21 SR Rush Teams & Coaches for a successful 2017 flag season! 

JR RUSH standings for 2017:

1. AB3                    10. Valkyries

2. Cent4                  11. AB1

3. Cent1                  12. St.Joes2

4. HC2                    13. BJM

5. Cent2                  14. WM

6. EH                       15. Cent3

7. StJoes1               16.Martensville

8. StJoes3               17. SCS

9. HC1                     18. AB2


SR RUSH standings for 2017:

1. WM1                   8. Cent2                15. AB2

2. TD                       9. Beth2                16. Martensville2

3. AB1                    10. St.Joes2           17. Cent3

4. HC3                    11. SCS                 18. Cent1

5. HC1                    12. Martensville1    19. WM3

6. Beth1                  13. BJM                  20. HC2

7. WM2                   14. St.Joes1           21. BR

2016 RUSH Season


The Rush Committee would like to thank the Coaches, Officials, players and parents for your committment to another great season of Flag Football!  Our goal every year is to provide an opportunity for girls to play flag football in a fun, inclusive and supportive environment!  By the sounds of the laughter, cheers and support at the SMF and Forest Park Fields, it was evident that our goals were met!  Congratulations to all teams; be proud of your accomplishments this year and we look forward to seeing all of you out, with a new friend in 2017!  Registration will take place January 2017 on our Rush website.


Valkyries Division

First - Walter Murray 1

Second - Bethlehem 1

Third - Walter Murray 2

Fourth - Centennial 1

Crush Division

First - Centennial 3

Second - Aden Bowman 2

Third - Walter Murray 2

Fourth - Centennial 1 

2015 RUSH Season

Congratulations to all of the Rush Girls Flag Football players for their involement in the 2015 season!   A huge thank-you goes out to the volunteer coaches of these 18 teams; thank-you for sharing your passion and knowledge with these athletes! 

Crush Divsion

Champions - Holy Cross

2nd Place - Aden Bowman

3rd Place - BJM

Valkyries Divsion

Champions - Walter Murray #2

2nd Place - Tommy Douglas

3rd Place - Holy Cross